The Darker Side to My Mental Health Experience, 05/16

The second video final piece to my Mental Health project. I wanted this piece to be more sinister than the other to show the dark, helpless mentality that I was in when among the depths of my depression. I had a complicated relationship with the monster who lived inside me; I was terrified of him but simultaneously couldn’t live without him, he was part of me. This video shows the conflict between him and me, and how fearful and weak I was compared to how emotionless and chilling he was. He controlled me.


My Mental Health Experience, 05/16

The first and main video for my Mental Health final piece project, videoed by Alexander Neil. As I based my whole Unit 4 project on my mental health story, I wanted to completely focus on my most hardest, darkest, life changing year for the final video, and include personal experiences that had never been heard before. I was young and alone,being regularly abused and feeling like I had to cover my emotions; one of the only releases being a diary that I would write in from time to time. I recreated this diary, which you can hear me read in the video, all the words are true.