[Part B: Drugs] Final Piece – The Tent of Many Hallucinogens, 12/16

To conclude this drugs theme I wanted to create a big installation piece that sums up my festival experiences and drug trips that others can also be a part of. I used the actual tent me and my boyfriend stayed in through two festivals, including pieces of clothing, accessories, sleeping equipment and baggies that have also come back with us from these events. I wanted to create this experience to be as true as possible so only put in real objects that would be found in a festival tent. I created the video and audio piece separately but merged them together to be projected into the tent from a Youtube video. The video didn’t result how I imagined, it was harder to simulate shape movement without the proper programmes and the strong light from the projector was impossible to avoid when being in the tent. I also had to edit the video last minute as when I first tried to project the clip into the tent the colours were too weak, so had to increase the saturation. People thought it was amazing and an accurate representation of being at a festival, the smell of the tent still recked of mud and piss, the objects they didn’t want to touch as they were either rubbish, worn clothes or drug related and the overlaid live drum and bass and grime music sounding real, as well as the shadows of people with the talking matching perfectly simulating the feeling of real people stumbling past adding to the festival vibe.


[Part B: Drugs] DJ Hazard – Psychedelics Lyrics Video, 12/16

As the GIFs earlier worked brilliantly with music I wanted to develop the drum and bass theme. A song which concludes psychedelics well, I wanted to use the festival photos I had created to produce a lyric video. This video took me several days and was extremely difficult to finish, with the programmes available not being high end I was unable to match up the text to the music perfectly, I love the concept but the overall lyric video I am very unhappy with.

[Part B: Drugs] Festival Cure, 11/15

Taking the three portraits of the boys I have edited their faces back into the festival photographs they came from. I wanted to highlight the idea of the three boys being more ‘fucked’ than everyone else, leaving all the other people’s faces left untouched I wanted the drawn faces to look normal (like that’s actually how they looked), but still emphasise the trippy, weird appearance.

[Part B: Drugs] Through the Eyes of a Drug Addict 02, 11/16

Like the beginning of Part A, here I have drawn/painted portraits in the style of Natalie Foss of some of the boys from our group of friends. I have chosen only males to draw this time as long female hair is harder to include in images. I didn’t want these portraits to be as busy or intense as the previous three, the purpose of these drawings is for the head to be edited back into the festival photos so I didn’t want to waste time on beautiful trippy backgrounds that is going to be excluded.

[Part B: Drugs] Festival Photos, 11/16

To continue with the music experimentation I had an idea to explore festivals and focus on my own experiences. Festivals are the main place many people take the most drugs, there’s always a party to be at, you live with your friends from days and there’s no relatives to hold you back, which means a lot of memories are made. I always take a disposable camera so anyone can capture a moment and have it as a physical photo, and for this section of Part B I am going to heavily rely on these photos.


I wanted to incorporate music into the GIFs I made to see how differently the psychedelic vibe would be. I know from experiences fast paced music intensifies the drugs experience, so overlaid some traditional drum and bass. I love how these two GIFs have resulted, the music giving the imagery a whole new level of hallucinatory.