[Textiles: Anatomy] Final Piece Photos, 10/16


[Textiles: Anatomy] Final Piece Designs, 10/16

A few designs to lay out my ideas, I have used inspiration from all artists and work I have produced throughout this project. I have chosen the flesh coloured nylon crop top to fabricate (largest image), as I feel the strongest work I have created in this project has included tan nylon. I further wanted my final piece to posses an eerie, bad surgeon tone to it and I feel I can use big, messy hand stitching with exaggerated red veins painted on to achieve that.

[Textiles: Anatomy] Applique onto Nylon, 09/16

As the technique applique has worked effectively and successfully throughout this project I wanted to see how cotton would applique onto nylon. The results really surprised me, as a previous free machine embroidery sample puckered  when using nylon I thought it would done the same thing for these pieces. The nylon bunched a little on one of the samples but excluding that mistake I feel they’ve resulted really well. I like the look of the solid coloured organs appliqued onto the sheer, nude nylon, it draws attention to the organ shapes but still compliments the fleshy fabric.

[Textiles: Anatomy] Experimenting with Skin and Vein Appearance, 09/16

I developed the veins/skin experimentation by adding stuffing into the material to see how the vein recreation would appear in Verloop’s style of work. I used tacking (1st image), felt-tip (2nd image), and PVA and threads (3rd image). I feel all 3 samples could be improved as none have worked well or turned out the way I imagined, I like the  subtle dye veins I included in the PVA and threads sample, so might incorporate dye with felt-tip (as I feel felt-tip worked the best).

[Textiles: Anatomy] Experimenting with Tights, 09/16

The first response pieces for Rosa Verloop. I first experimented with nylon tights as I feel Verloop’s work resembled tights stuffed with padding to look like muscle fibres, and I wanted to recreate that appear/idea. I used different media and techniques to recreate skin texture and veins, focusing on blood vessels as it has been a continuing element throughout the project which I feel has worked incredibly well. I’m not keen on any of the samples as I feel none of them have worked. I feel the felt-tip vein experimentation is best so will develop that method later.

[Textiles: Anatomy] Stitching in the Detail, 09/16

Development from the Greg Sand sliced image piece. I felt image weaving didn’t link to textiles as strongly as I would have liked, so took a raygram and acetate of the images further by embroidering into them. I inverted the raygram and acetate purposely so I could experiment with different toned threads in contrasting sections of the torso. Surprisingly I preferred the acetate piece as the clear sections were complimented by the little amount of coloured detail, it emphasises the organs instead of looking messy and crowded like the raygram one.