[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] Red Light District: Final Photos, 02/17

As the previous photoshoot didn’t turn out well I decided to redo them, this attempt resulted so much better. Instead of using a red light or sticking on hair I edited it all on Photoshop, this was easier as I could control every detail. I feel these photographs possess a lot more of a Red Light District feel with the darker shade of red, suggestive positioning and wet, loose hair. I wanted the body hair to look more realistic than I have portrayed it in other images, I tried hard receiving hair from both female and male bodies to make it look as realistic as possible. From reevaluating the editorial details though I realised I should of made the hair much more black, I faded it all out a lot so it wouldn’t look too overpowering  and fake but as the shadows and actual hairs on my body look black the fake hair appears a bit grey.


[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] Bath Bush, 01/17

A response away from the Instagram comments, this series of photographs was inspired by Maisie Cousins. I love her water and paint photos, her use of brightly coloured liquid that swims around cute, feminine natural items including female bodies, fruit and flowers. I wanted to create a series similar but that possesses a more suggestive, provocative look. I used a hot pink food colouring to dye the water, used bubble bath to add patches of bubbles, included silver glitter and stars with girly stickers of ponies. I wanted to experiment with a hot, bubbly tropical style which I feel makes the photos look adorably sexy.

Alexander Neil, Military Style, 05/16

One of the videos from Alexander Neil’s Fine Art final pieces which also have pairing photographs to compliment. Weeks before even shooting this video I was hoping he would ask me to be apart of it as he shown me the song and idea for the style, I was instantly hooked. It was such a fun video to model for and it was quite different to the other shoots I had been included in as I didn’t need to look pretty or act feminine, he put the song on and told me to just be fierce. I was right in my comfort zone.

Ella-Mae Jackson, Nocturnal, 05/16

Photographed by the wonderful Alexander Neil, the final piece photographs from my Textile and Design project Dark Butterflies. Possessing a raunchy, dark feel I focused on a ‘butterfly gone bad’ theme when editing and modeling for these images. The wings included in the photos I created myself for my Textile and Design final piece; using specific fabrics, colours and techniques I build a rusty, broken moth feel which is emphasised by the grimy location, dark ginger curls and naked body/face.

Alexander Neil, River in Motion, 04/2016

A photoshoot inspired by fashion and movement, Alexander Neil’s ‘River in Motion’ is a lensed based concept final piece part of his Fine Art ‘Movement’ project. The weather was a definite barrier when shooting these photos, the freezing river was emphasised by the snow that fell and the chilling wind that blew, but all of those elements aided in producing these astounding photos. I truly felt like a winter mermaid.