[Lens Based: Beauty in Media] Perfectly Painted, 9/16

My response to Mario Testino, progress towards and transitioning into my final piece. As Testino produces quirky, contemporary photoshoots presenting his expressionism towards makeup and how bold brush strokes and daring colours can speak for themselves, I painted on a heavy amount of makeup experimenting with his style of solid shades and thick lines to display my message. Beauty is no longer natural or unique, but consists of sitting in-front of a mirror for hours painting on copious amounts of unnecessary makeup to fit into the unattainable, clone category that is media’s ideal beauty.

[Lens Based: Beauty in Media] Edits of “MORE” and “NOT ENOUGH”, 9/16

Further edits of the series’ “MORE” and “NOT ENOUGH”, I used an inverted and pink effect theme throughout the photos to accentuate the feminine, modern element. Both artists (Metra-Jeanson and Jamie Nelson), I have researched have possessed a highly chic tone in their work which I also wanted to recreate in my own style.


[Lens Based: Beauty in Media] NOT ENOUGH, 9/16

Stage 2, part 2 of my Jamie Nelson response; the developed series of “MORE”. The 3 layers of beauty on my face is still ‘not enough’ to be viewed in mass media as ideal, I used better, photoshopped features of myself and layers of dripping makeup to create this simple yet powerful series. Firstly I added drips of watered-down acrylic to act as the first layer of makeup, then cut out and taped on photoshopped features to improve my ugly face and finally another layer of dripping makeup to again better/cover the faults on my face, but despite the thick coating of ideal beauty I concealed myself with in the eyes of mass media it’s still ‘not enough’.

[Lens Based: Beauty in Media] Before and After of ‘Ideal Beauty’ Transformation of Myself, 9/16

Stage 1, part 2 of my Jamie Nelson response. I adapted my previous idea (influenced by Metra-Jeanson), of photoshopping faces into magazine beauty then cutting out and sticking on the ‘better features’ to the original face by using my face instead of other peoples; I wanted to use this concept in a developed version of “MORE”, the cut out features would act as another layer of beauty which covers my original, average face.

[Lens Based: Beauty in Media] More and More and More GIF, 9/16

A GIF created as a further response piece to Jamie Nelson which complements the “MORE” photography series. I captured the three stages of makeup drips being applied to my face, the first two stages having “MORE” overlaid across the image to imply how the media wants ‘more’ layers to consider the person beautiful, and the last stage after apply more makeup having “NOT ENOUGH” overlaid across to show how all that makeup is still ‘not enough’. I also inverted and tinted some of the images pink to emphasis the feminine, chic element.  gif2

[Lens Based: Beauty in Media] MORE, 9/16

Part 1 of my Jamie Nelson response. Inspired by Nelson’s melting makeup technique in her series of Dani Lundquist, I used watered-down acrylic to create similar drips on my face, emphasising the amount of makeup I have on and how mass media views it as still not enough to be considered beautiful. I only added a few drips of each colour so the main focus would be on the representation and the photographs wouldn’t appear too overpowering.