[Graphics: Social Acceptance] Channel 4 “FEEL MY WORDS” Advertisement, 10/16

Complimentary photos to my final piece, putting my work into context. As the brief stated to create a graphics advertisement linked to the topic “Feel My Words” to address giving young people a voice which will be made into a documentary created by Channel 4, I photoshopped my final poster image into social media advertisement. I feel as my topic is surrounding social media that’s the most relevant place to place it.


[Graphics: Social Acceptance] Final Piece “A Comparison Between a Girl Who Craves People’s Acceptance and a Girl Who Doesn’t”, 10/16

The final piece image is a comparison of two Instagram photos – one being an acted character that needs to be fake to gain other people’s acceptance, obtaining thousands of followers by sexually revealing her body, and the other being her true self not needing other’s acceptance as she possesses real life friends rather than fake social media followers. The words “BE YOURSELF” is shouting out (to mainly young people), how they do not need to be an acted character to be socially accepted by others, being their true self will bring real friends into their life who will accept them.

[Graphics: Social Acceptance] Experimenting with Positioning and Wording, 10/16

To develop and transition into my final piece I experimented with words, positioning, effects and Stezaker’s cropped image technique but using a photo of myself and the other from the fake Instagram account. I experimented with ‘likes’ and ‘followers/friends’ to emphasise the need of social media acceptance, and how if a person if half naked in a picture they’ll receive a larger acceptance from their followers.

[Graphics: Social Acceptance] Naked Vs Not on Instagram, 10/16

My first response to John Stezaker. In the life drawing session I took photos of the model with her robe on. Using Skezaker’s cropped, overlayed image technique I took some of my life drawings that looked similar to the clothed photos and pieced them together. I added the Instagram likes again to emphasise the comparison of naked vs. not, and how more people will like the image if you’re naked.

[Graphics: Social Acceptance] She Only Gets That Many Likes Because She’s Naked, 10/16

I developed my favourite life drawings to have Magno’s glitch effect adding text similar to the first glitch development I produced. I made the ‘likes’ on these edits a lot higher to represent how a nude female would cause more of a reaction and more people to ‘like’ it on social media.

[Graphics: Social Acceptance] Life Drawing, 10/16

A few action shots¬†of the life drawing session and photos of the images I produced. We focused on water-based media like inks and water colour palettes, also dry media like charcoal and graphite to receive a harsher product.¬†Using inspiration from Antony Gormley I used his scribble style to create some of my own developed pieces, focusing on the outline and shadows of the model’s body.

[Graphics: Social Acceptance] Glitch Development, 10/16

I then developed Magno’s style, keeping the same busy, thin rectangle look I previously experimented with. I added text to appear like Instagram ‘likes’ to represent how the semi-nude photos posted of me acting a certain way receive more of an uproar because of the sexual nature, rather than an average clothed photo.