[Fine Art, Drawing: Reversing Gender] FUCK YOUR STEREOTYPES, Final Piece, 09/16



[Fine Art, Drawing: Reversing Gender] FUCK YOUR STEREOTYPES, Male Life Drawing in Women’s Underwear, 09/16

As I wanted this section of Bartel responses to be focused on men in women’s underwear, I produced male life drawings that depict masculine bodies wearing bras and thongs. I feel life drawings work well with this topic and especially my raw style, so I combined them with the continuous elements of pink/blue colour and the phrase “FUCK YOUR STEREOTYPES”. As I have been using mainly female bodies throughout this project I wanted to explore a little bit more of the male body and how it’s ‘wrong’ for men to be thought of as feminine.

[Fine Art, Drawing: Reversing Gender] Experimenting with Carbon Paper, 09/16

To begin my Justin Bartel response I wanted to experiment with carbon paper and secondary source images of men in women’s underwear. The tonal look matches the artist well, but for the pink/blue effect I have been developing throughout this theme I feel the pieces don’t give the gender vibe I am wanting. I don’t like the simple, neat marks that this technique produces either, for an expressionistic topic these pieces don’t evoke much emotion or depth.

[Fine Art, Drawing: Reversing Gender] Life Drawing in Motion, 09/16

A few quick shots from our first life drawing class as year 14’s. A room full of faces with many different opinions about their experience and produced work, I happened to love the first class and felt some of my observational studies created have been my best yet. I tried techniques and methods which I hadn’t experimented with in life drawing before – monoprinting and movement studies. Monoprinting freely without an image as a template  was very interesting, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought but I had to keep lifting the paper to check the harshness of my mark marking and shading. The movement studies produced I feel didn’t look great; I love the concept and the freedom of drawing the quick, 30 second poses and felt the activity loosed me up, but the A1 results just look like scribbles on paper – I feel if I maybe mixed the media and used the space more cleverly it would of looked better.

[Fine Art, Drawing: Reversing Gender] FUCK YOUR STEREOTYPES X Mixing Life Drawings, 09/16

As I wanted to incorporate digital drawing and wording with the collage life drawings, I scanned them in to upload them to the computer then used a graphic tablet to again use the phrase “FUCK YOUR STEREOTYPES” – I feel like these words are extremely powerful and emphasise my topic well.


[Fine Art, Drawing: Reversing Gender] Mixing Life Drawings, 09/16

As my life drawings didn’t link much to my gender reversing theme I developed them to be torn and pieced together with previous male life drawings. I split each picture in half to separate the chest and genital area, to then fix gender contrasting parts in place. I love this collage effect and the illusion of mismatching our perceptions of the female and male body. The contrasts in mark making and media also emphasises this mismatched element.