[3D, Ceramics: Past Self] BREAKING THROUGH THE SCARS, 10/16

For my final video piece, I wanted to focus on the idea that people need to break their cold, outer shell to become a happier being – highlighting this point by creating a bright yellow papier mache head and covering it with hard clay, then destroying the ceramics layer by smashing it and revealing the inner head. I edited the video to posses an uplifting vibe by adding piano instrumental and a positive, personal quote at the end. I further like how the calm piano music contrasts with the anger of the smashing.


[3D, Ceramics: Past Self] Process Photos of My Final Piece, 10/16

My final piece has developed from my “Breaking the Outer Shell” response but still includes influence from Sarah Sitkin. I am creating a layered piece of work with both clay and papier mache, I wanted to have the inner layer be a material that is easy to paint and wouldn’t smash if hit and the outer layer to be a dull material that would easily shatter. The inner yellow face representing my happy present self, whereas the outer grey face representing my depressed past self. I will be creating a final video to compliment this piece which will follow after; I am going to smash the clay layer to reveal the inner face – emphasising how a person has to destroy their old, shell of sadness to move on to be a happier person.

[3D, Ceramics: Past Self] Breaking the Outer Shell, 10/16

A video piece to show one of my ceramics work and the story to why I created it. I destroyed the harsh outer shell to reveal the happier inner me which implies how I had to wreck my old self to uncover my happier self; the wire cage representing the past me and the yellow ceramics self-portrait representing the present me. I painted the model when the clay wasn’t dry to see how the piece would result; I love the streaky yellow look as it appears as if I have scars from cutting through my old self.

[3D, Ceramics: Past Self] Process Photos of Breaking the Outer Shell, 10/16

My response to Sarah Sitkin, part 1. Sitkin’s head inside a head work has influenced me to produce a two layered 3D piece. I chose clay and wire as the materials as I wanted two different layers, the outer one to be harsh, cold and empty, and the inner one to be solid, full and be easy to paint. These photos show the process I took to create the piece, a performance video showing the story behind this sculpture follows after.

[3D, Ceramics: Past Self] Process Photos of the Razor Blade, 10/16

My second response to Sophie Kahn, part 2. I further wanted to create an object formed from a harder material to use to slash the previous body cast. I chose to construct a razor blade as I frequently used this item to harm my own body, I feel this particular item symbolised my past self well so a larger version would be suitable to destroy the papier mache body. I used clay to model the blade as when it becomes fired and hardened, the material would be ideal to slash paper.

[3D, Ceramics: Past Self] Process Photos of Body Piece, 10/16

The second response to Sophie Kahn, part 1. Kahn’s fragmented work gave me another idea to slash and break a recreation of my body to represent how I used to destroy my own. I used papier mache as the material because I wanted the cast to represent how I viewed myself in the past – weak and worthless. I also didn’t give the cast a colour because I liked how the ghostly grey gave an empty, bare tone to the piece.