[Female Objectification] PINK MILK

“As women society expects us to look endlessly beautiful, to cover ourselves in pink and to aspire to be the prettiest, purest flower. We are forced to compete for the hypothetical tiara that is fabricated by unrealistic beauty standards in a superficial culture created by heterosexual males. Women cannot have too much power, too much success or too much ambition otherwise we will threaten men. Women are taught to not be sexual and are shamed if they give into their desires, but men are celebrated for the same actions. We cannot live without being forcefully sexualised and objectified. PINK MILK is an installation piece that desexualises femininity in a demeaning, sexy way. Suggestive fruits have been beautifully hand embroidered in delicate, ‘girly’ thread with once affectionate pet names that are currently used against women to belittle them. The mould represents the ugliness those words now possess, overwhelming the fruit representing the once luscious and juicy female form. Overly saturated, suggestive clips of dead flowers, rotting strawberries and sexualised men are paired with demeaning noughties dance music to heighten the hot, stimulating tone. You watch uncomfortably aroused by the liquids dripping through the rotting fruit and hairy male body. Covered in layers of stereotypical hot pink, this sickly installation displays how women are forced into being painted feminine by society.”


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