[Female Objectification] ORPHIC

The final night was a massive success! We positively developed from Vanguard and created an amazing exhibition, ORPHIC. As team leader I felt under the most stress, I had to check everything and help with most elements on the exhibition night, and when there was a query or mistake I had to quickly think of a solution. We should have left more time to set up as some people arrived early, and many of the sketchbooks and portfolios weren’t out. The map was also slightly wrong as we agreed to include sketchbooks in Miss Grant’s room and portfolios in Mr Robinson’s room as there wasn’t near enough space for both in one room. It’s completely understandable that stress levels were high coming close to 5 o’clock on the final night, but I feel I could have organised setting up the space better.

In Vanguard we all agreed that there wasn’t enough to look at/do. After you looked at all the artwork for 30 minutes and ate some food, people were just waiting around for the night to end, so we came up with the idea to make each room interactive. I especially liked my idea of a children’s table, I knew my little sisters didn’t really care for the art so I wanted all children to somehow still have fun; we attached lining paper to the table and put out coloured pencils for the children to entertain themselves with. We also bought disposable cameras for families and friends to take pictures with to add a personal element to the night, although many people didn’t use them I still feel like we captured many special photos. The slideshow that the graphics team created also gave the night another personal element. People could look at other pieces of students work from throughout the year as well as reminisce with us about all the funny and memorable moments we had. The table which included programmes, maps and the comments book was also much better placed; previously people were rushed as they had to stand in the entrance to either write a comment or grab a programme, but now people could take their time.


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