[Unit 10: Female Objectification] Final Piece Planning


I will be taking inspiration from Zoe Buckman’s series EVERY CURVE, using similar beautiful, soft, hand embroidered text to contrast with the ugliness of the fruit. Her use of delicate lace lingerie paired with gorgeous pink lettering contrasts to the ugly, demeaning song lyrics, simultaneously enhancing the shocking, belittling tone – this effect is what I want to achieve. 8A mock up drawing of what I want my exhibition space to look like. The three rows of circled objects are rotting fruit hand embroidered with demeaning pet names; I wanted to use the earlier idea to show the ugliness of modern sexism, the sourness the beautiful word actually holds when men use it to belittle us. The gorgeous pink embroidery becoming overwhelmed by the mouldiness.

I want to paint everything pink to show that stereotypical ‘girly’, pink vibe. I want the audience to be overwhelmed with femininity and for them to understand how women are forcefully painted pink by modern society.


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