[Female Objectification] smile princess

A series developed from the previous rotting fruit experimentation. I was majorly inspired by a persons answer from the questionnaire: “Casual sexual harassment dressed up as harmless fun”. I wanted to start producing work that shows the ugliness of modern sexism, the sourness the beautiful word actually holds. The gorgeous pink embroidery becoming overwhelmed by the mouldiness. When asked “have you ever been called any names because you’re a female?” many peopled had answered pet names that are meant to be used lovingly but used in a demeaning manner. I remember when I was younger, on picture day the cameraman told me to “smile princess” because I wasn’t smiling and even as a child I felt uncomfortable that he called me that.

I originally wanted to sew into a range of fruits with phrases and sentences people had answered in the questionnaire, but 2 hours later I had only sewn into 3 letters so decided it would be easier to use smaller fruits and single words.



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