[Female Objectification] Female Derogatory Terms Questionnaire, 11/05/17

As I have changed my Unit 10 plan and have further researched into Female Objectification I wanted to gain current information about derogatory and sexist experiences from the women around me – real, unfiltered answers from real unfiltered people.

Originally I just wanted to write questions about derogatory terms, but I felt I may as well include some wider ranged questions to gain a better knowledge about modern day feminism. I also haven’t got a clear idea of the artwork I am going to be producing, so if I receive more answers I could use quotes and phrases people write in my work.


questionnaireresponse 1

response 6

response 7

I also shared the questionnaire on my Facebook to receive as many as answers as I could from a diverse group of people. My mum further shared the questionnaire on her Facebook and a few feminist groups she’s part of. I feel I have received a good amount of responses from women of different age groups, lifestyles and cultures.

I was very very surprised when reading through the responses I received – I understand sexism is still current but with all the feminist posts and feminist talkers discussing how much we’ve developed in society I thought we were much further than we are. Most answers discuss sexism at work or people addressing their partner instead of them, but a few answers stood out to me. A couple of women had been told they deserved to get attack or that they were raped, a few women also talked about how they get demeaned because of the ‘inappropriate’ clothing they’re wearing.

Many of the percentages also shocked me. I have always thought every female has been called a name referencing their femininity in a bad way (bitch, slag, etc.), but 26.5% of people answered ‘No’. The last multiple choice question also is very surprising – I knew many women receive unwanted attention in public (I experience this on nearly a daily basis), but I didn’t realise almost everyone does too.


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