[Female Objectification] INDIFFERENT

Inspired by the Free the Nipple Movement I wanted to create a photographic series to highlight to people that it’s unnecessary to genderise nipples and to prove that there is no difference between female and male nipples. I challenge people to guess which is female and male from the photographs below. So far, no one from a group of about 15 have guessed all right. I was extremely surprised when I asked people to participate in this series as women were all for having their nipple photographed but men weren’t so volunteering. I feel this is because women are so shamed by society for showing their nipples, so it feels liberating to freely show them off appropriately and to be a part of a series that supports body equality. Many of the women who participated were also active feminists so loved the idea of this Free the Nipple series. Many of the photographs I am unhappy with as they came out blurry; I didn’t want the participant to feel awkward or uncomfortable by me taking ages to set up the camera and focus it while they were exposed, so I just took a quick photo to get it done quick.


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