[Female Objectification] Legal Chest Recreation

A more direct link to Wageman’s work, I had an idea to produce a performance piece by creating a male torso that I would wear in public and film people’s reactions. I first created two other torsos to experiment with liquid latex and Modroc to see which material resulted best. I needed to sturdiness of the Modroc but the latex formed a more realistic skin texture which was also easier to colour. I ended up dismissing this idea as the final body cast appeared too lumpy and uneven; the Modroc made the latex dry oddly and quickly, when I applied the liquid onto the Modroc layer it dried almost instantly so the paintbrush would scratch the latex and form little balls. It further took a few weeks for me to produce all 3 body casts, so I started other art pieces when waiting for these to dry and I grew bored of that body casts.


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