[Unit 10: Female Objectification] Life Drawing

The last unofficial life drawing session – an extra after hours session for all the art department instead of a timetabled Foundation class.  I produced a couple of my best pieces from this session. I feel it was due to the fact I was the only Foundation student so didn’t chat to other students as much as I normally would have. I produced a few pieces of work in monoprint which I feel is the medium I work best in; the messy, grey and black tones also complement the clean pink paper. As this was the last life drawing session I didn’t want to be a stubborn perfectionist and only use methods or media I am comfortable with (like I usually), so I relaxed and created whatever I created. I enjoyed the more free styled drawings this time; although I feel they’re the worst drawings I had the most fun with them. For the second drawing we had to place a board in front of us and place the paper on the other side so we couldn’t see it. It was interesting to see the outcomes and how other students positioned themselves to draw – I drew upside down, so if I looked down at the drawing the model would be the right way up to me, but everyone else drew opposite.


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