[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] Vanguard – Final Exhibition Night, 02/17

Overall I felt the Unit 9 Exhibition was a success, I worked well with my space and all the students worked well together to create Vanguard, especially considering none of us had any experience putting together this kind of event. As most of us students left Unit 9 quite late to complete it was very stressful towards the last few days, the exhibition definitely suffered as a result as people were focused on their own topic instead of Vanguard as a whole, we could have definitely been more organised with deadlines and job roles. My job role was the chairman. I gathered everyone for meetings, lead the meetings, wrote meeting notes, answered and resolved any queries, made sure everyone else was up to date and perusing their roles correctly, wrote promotional emails over-viewing the exhibition, resolved any last minute mess ups and made sure everything/everyone was properly in place for the exhibition. My job was a big role but I felt I fulfilled the duty well, I liked checking that everything was correct and felt a sense of purpose when other students came to me with any queries. In Unit 10 if I am chosen to be chairman again I will definitely be much stricter and tighter with deadlines as I felt the exhibition got pushed back because students didn’t keep up/focused on their own work a lot more. The descriptions of artist’s work were also extremely rushed, as most people forgot about them they were likewise pushed back to the last day, I also didn’t want to add to the stress with being overly strict with them so I was quite lenient but I will make sure next time the descriptions and most exhibition things are done long before the last day – this includes programmes and larger posters being printed, comments book being made and food labels being made. I also feel job roles weren’t given to the correct people and some students had too much to do. As this was our trial run for Unit 10 I knew there would have been some errors and the job role choosing was quite difficult as none of us knew the difficulties of some of the roles, but some people didn’t stick to their roles which made other people who already had many tasks have more. But for Unit 10 we will change/alter some of the job roles and create more balanced tasks. The invitations also weren’t send out till a few days before/on the day of the exhibition. A couple of people had to ask what the overview of Vanguard is and the timings/dates, so for Unit 10 I will make sure all invitations are send out a couple of weeks before the final night. As for my own final piece I feel I have done exceptionally well. Exhibition spaces were given on a first come first serve basis and as I knew I wanted to produce an installation I reserved the space under the stairs first. This gave me the opportunity and time to measure and plan my space, as well as think of the best piece I could produce with the space I had. My final piece ended my project perfectly and fit into the space impeccably, it really felt like a little sex shop. As my piece was very provocative I needed to age restrict it to 16+ (which the head teacher reviewed and thought was an appropriate age too), so I hung a solid black curtain around the piece so no young saw ‘DIRT LUST’ without adult permission. The curtain needed to be there but it became a bit awkward and hard to move around; I wanted people to go in and interact with the piece but as the large curtain was placed there, there wasn’t much room inside the installation to move. I felt this also put people off taking their time to properly look at everything and watch the advert I created, for Unit 10 if I explore a provoking subject and create that type of art again I will plan the covering better. My final piece also created a lot of health and safety risks. Even though I knew all of the risks and planned around them I left the solution process quite late (the curtain assembling, the wires, the light being left on for two hours, etc.), so next time I will assess earlier. In conclusion I feel the Unit 9 exhibition was a major success. The errors we have together and personally evaluated and will change for the final Unit 10 exhibition, but the final night resulted a lot more successful than I originally thought.


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