[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] Final Piece Planning: Exhibition Space

As my main final piece will be the instillation I wanted to plan my space and create mock ups of DIRT LUST to physically see my ideas.

I took inspiration from Ed and Nancy Kienholz’s instillation piece ‘Hoerengracht’, a grotty Red Light District whore house with slutty, melting mannequins waiting for customers. I know I want to create a dark, run down lingerie/sex shop filled with neon lights, used condoms and excessive amounts of hair but from looking at this instillation piece I have gained a few ideas to make DIRT LUST look more like a used brothel. I originally didn’t think about wallpaper or a backdrop, but from looking at the rooms in Hoerengracht I want to get a flowery wallpaper and paint over the top, I want DIRT LUST’s walls to be dripping. I also didn’t consider including a mannequin but I feel in Hoerengracht they’re an essential part of the instillation and feel it can give DIRT LUST a surveillance feel – I originally wanted the audience to feel uncomfortable like they shouldn’t be in my instillation but a mannequin staring at you as you walk in will emphasize this feeling. A mannequin will also be a perfect way to display some of the Instagram comments underwear.

As I need a storage item to include in DIRT LUST to put some underwear in I ordered a plain black chest of drawers, this will further make my instillation feel like a realistic shop. I was indecisive between black or white drawers, but felt black would darken the room further and compliment the red/purple toned wallpaper. As I would be returning the drawers I also felt white drawers would get ruined too easily.


I want a professional-like photograph of Maisie May signed on the wall of DIRT LUST so I further edited the Red Light District photographs from a previous series. Throughout the instillation I want to give the impression that Maisie May Fletcher is a well-known model/prostitute that represents DIRT LUST, so used text and shapes to make the photos appear like promotional posters. I also like the way I have separated  the letters, when you quickly skim over it it looks like it says ‘DIRT SLUT’ which adds a further filthy prostitution vibe. I edited the colours to looks more neon and Miami styled, I love that sexy, playful look and feels the text emphasises this.

I am going to choose the last image as the final poster. The composition of the photograph is much nicer and the close up of the body makes the hair more obvious.

A mock up of what DIRT LUST will look like. The actual instillation will include a lot more detail; I will scatter underwear around, put an ash tray with used cigarette ends in, hide  used condoms with fake cum in and sprinkle body/public hair around. But I am extremely happy with what my final piece will look like, this is the exact image I had of what I wanted DIRT LUST to look like.img_0269img_0269



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