[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] Final Piece Planning: Advert

As I am going to produce two final pieces (the video as well as the instillation), the DIRT LUST advert is going to need some planning too. I know I want the overall vibe of the video to be dirty but sexy, a contrast between Maisie May as a prostitute and Maisie May as a model. I am going to shoot in two locations: an abandoned area and a white studio backdrop, exaggerating the contrasting cold and warm tones between locations when shots are switched.

I want the advert to display a collection of signature DIRT LUST underwear which will be on ‘sale’ in the drawers in the instillation piece. I ordered a few pieces of underwear to be included from Boux Avenue, choosing red/black lacey garments as I want to tailor to the ‘customers’ of this shop who are also sex workers – I felt the underwear I have chosen are what posh prostitutes would wear.


Before I shot the video I wanted to find a song that would play in the background of the advert. I wanted to choose the song before so I could think of movements and camera shots that would match with it. I like to edit my videos to the beat of the music, and as the model being filmed I wanted to play the song as we’re shooting so I could move to the beat too.

I listed many songs from contrasting genres that I thought would emphasize the imagery and sexy vibe, and one by one whittled them down. I felt out of all of them the songs that sounded classical and had a slow, deep beat matched best so I was left with three: Earned It – The Weekend, Fever – Peggy Lee and I Put a Spell on You – Annie Lennox. I asked other people’s opinions on the three choices and majority picked I Put a Spell on You by Annie Lennox. I also agreed and felt the lyrics and female voice worked best.


To get inspiration for the advert I created a Pinterest board, this helped gather my ideas and give me a clearer picture of the type of look I wanted for myself and the type of camera shots I wanted. I developed on the prostitute concept to give Maisie May a dirty but classy look. I had an image of her in a big fur coat with skimpy lace underwear and very high platformed heels, her hair scraggly and heavy black eye makeup with fake lashes. I also wanted her face to be defined to give a skinny, drug addict look with a cigarette commonly in her hand. I chose to act snoppy and confident but also careless to give Maisie May an ‘I know I look sexy and I’m better than everyone’ vibe.

For research I choose to look at Victoria Secret adverts, this helped massively whilst editing the videos and gave me a few ideas for camera shots. In most of them the video would start off slow and luxurious (including many clip fade effects), but build on speed and sexiness as the advert continued – the ending just before the title was also very fast pasted, the song beat becoming harder and shorter clips appearing. The brand title generally appears at the end, the letters expanding towards the audience. In the ‘Night of a Thousand Fantasies’ advert after the title appeared at the end a short clip of one of the models appeared locking eyes with the audience, I liked this element as it gave a last impression and pulled in the audience a little further so I decided to include something similar in DIRT LUST’s advert.


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