[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] Exhibition Meetings

First few exhibition meeting notes; we started planning the exhibition quite early which I feel helped greatly, even though we left a lot of the exhibition planning to the last week this gave us the opportunity to gather our thoughts earlier and gave each student room to continue their personal project too.

We firstly wrote out job titles and put each student into the catogory of one of those jobs. We then moved onto names and themes for the exhibition posters and programmes.

As we were unsure on colours/backgrounds for the running theme we set a few dislikes that weren’t going to get included (photograph as it’s difficult to find a photo which sums us all and our art up and the colour green), then everyone who wanted to make an initial poster design went and designed one/multiple.

As a group we then flicked through all of the designs to say elements we like/dislike, to then choose a few we like which would get merged together. Freya’s (1st and 2nd on the left), and Josh’s (3rd in the middle) were the favourites as we like Freya’s first font, block pastel colours and the repetitiveness of Vanguard, and we liked Josh’s use of geometry and cubes. They both then sat together to create further developments and finally the final exhibition poster.

Vangurad Final Poster Design.jpg

The programme then followed; we wanted to have the final poster created first so we could use the same format and theme for the programmes. We all looked at last years programmes to gain some inspiration and give us an idea of the pages to include, then we noted elements we liked/disliked and the order of pages that was going to be included. Abbie Copland then used our feedback and formed a programme which got developed further into our final programme. We decided not to include collage pages of student’s work or students working as they looked unprofessional and unnecessary, we also don’t take pictures of us creating our work. We did decide to include a group photo of us all to highlight how Vanguard is a group of artists.


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