[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] Pusstache Paint, 02/16

Continuing the fine art experimentation I decided to look into Yves Klein. I love his blue prints of women’s bodies and feel it represents the physical female form extremely well. As most people see thin women as being the definition of modern idealistic beauty, I decided to use my own petite frame to create ‘idealistic’ body prints. Instead of printing on the paper by pressing against a wall I decided to lay on the floor to receive a clearer appearance of my body shape without the gaps Klein’s has. I experimented with four different colours: black, red, pink, and warm toned. I tried to heat map one print as I couldn’t think of a forth colour related to sex/femininity and felt heat mapping revealed the boobs and vagina as being the hottest part of the body. I also included black hair on the vagina and nipples to emphasise the glorification of body hair, I love the contrast between the sensual colours and the matted hair. This contrasts accentuates the continuing concept of glorifying female body hair.


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