[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] Your Comments are Written on My Body, 01/17

Returning to the Instagram account Maisie May Fletcher I took comments/messages I had received and sectioned them into pairs to be sewn onto a few pieces of underwear I had bought. Inspired by Zoe Buckman, she created a textiles series “EVERY CURVE” which depicted lots of lacy delicate underwear hanging from the ceiling that had been hand sewn into with lyrics from rappers (like Biggie Smalls and Tupac), that said comments about women talking about possession and their bodies in offensively sexual ways. The way she used such beautifully traditional underwear stitched with such a feminine font to showcase these ugly lyrics is so fascinating. I tried to hand stitch the comments/messages into my underwear first but as I am not too skilled with hand stitching like Buckman the lettering looked childish so instead I free machine embroidered the words. I kept to a womanly shape as much as possible as I felt like straight lines would of looked too robotic, and not feminine like I wanted.


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