[Unit 9: Physical Female Attraction] @maisie_may_fletcher, 01/17


To begin my artwork for this project I have looked into Amalia Ulman again and continued the account of Maisie May Fletcher I began for the graphics project. I wanted to see the contrast between my earlier comments/messages and how people would react if I appeared to possess body hair on Instagram. I grew my actual body hair for about 3 months to portray a realistic look in the photos, but as it wasn’t too visible on camera I also used makeup to darken the hair or used Photoshop to edit more on my body. The last photo also isn’t me – I wanted Maisie May to be extremely revealing in the last post to see the difference in the amount of attention I would receive as well as how many comments would be linked to the hair rather than the body, so I used a fake nude. This experimental performance piece was very interesting to me. I expected the response to be very negative but to my surprise most of the people who commented/messaged were lusting over the hair, I don’t know if people didn’t mind the body hair as much as I thought or just wanted the attention of an attractive young female. This piece has influenced my work greatly, I was originally set on exploring a negative side that people have towards body hair but as this performance received such a desired response I have decided to show body hair in a much more lustful light.



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