[Part A: Drugs] Ahh mate I’m So Sorry I’ve Just Been Sick, 11/16

Continuing the scanography experimentation I added paint to the water. These photos resulted much better than the plain water ones, the warmer coloured watercolours showing up better than the darker coloured. Sections of the paint stuck to my face which took shape to the movement effect and emphasising the trippy disfigurement. If I were to redo this series I would of painted straight onto my face instead of dripping the paint onto the glass of the scanner, I feel this would make the colour move with my face and create distortion in the paint too. I chose the title “Ahh Mate I’m So Sorry I’ve Just Been Sick” because when taking drugs (mainly pill/ecstasy), you are commonly sick from the intensity of the come up and I thought the yellow/orange paint resembled sick.


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