[Female Objectification] ORPHIC

The final night was a massive success! We positively developed from Vanguard and created an amazing exhibition, ORPHIC. As team leader I felt under the most stress, I had to check everything and help with most elements on the exhibition night, and when there was a query or mistake I had to quickly think of a solution. We should have left more time to set up as some people arrived early, and many of the sketchbooks and portfolios weren’t out. The map was also slightly wrong as we agreed to include sketchbooks in Miss Grant’s room and portfolios in Mr Robinson’s room as there wasn’t near enough space for both in one room. It’s completely understandable that stress levels were high coming close to 5 o’clock on the final night, but I feel I could have organised setting up the space better.

In Vanguard we all agreed that there wasn’t enough to look at/do. After you looked at all the artwork for 30 minutes and ate some food, people were just waiting around for the night to end, so we came up with the idea to make each room interactive. I especially liked my idea of a children’s table, I knew my little sisters didn’t really care for the art so I wanted all children to somehow still have fun; we attached lining paper to the table and put out coloured pencils for the children to entertain themselves with. We also bought disposable cameras for families and friends to take pictures with to add a personal element to the night, although many people didn’t use them I still feel like we captured many special photos. The slideshow that the graphics team created also gave the night another personal element. People could look at other pieces of students work from throughout the year as well as reminisce with us about all the funny and memorable moments we had. The table which included programmes, maps and the comments book was also much better placed; previously people were rushed as they had to stand in the entrance to either write a comment or grab a programme, but now people could take their time.


[Female Objectification] PINK MILK

“As women society expects us to look endlessly beautiful, to cover ourselves in pink and to aspire to be the prettiest, purest flower. We are forced to compete for the hypothetical tiara that is fabricated by unrealistic beauty standards in a superficial culture created by heterosexual males. Women cannot have too much power, too much success or too much ambition otherwise we will threaten men. Women are taught to not be sexual and are shamed if they give into their desires, but men are celebrated for the same actions. We cannot live without being forcefully sexualised and objectified. PINK MILK is an installation piece that desexualises femininity in a demeaning, sexy way. Suggestive fruits have been beautifully hand embroidered in delicate, ‘girly’ thread with once affectionate pet names that are currently used against women to belittle them. The mould represents the ugliness those words now possess, overwhelming the fruit representing the once luscious and juicy female form. Overly saturated, suggestive clips of dead flowers, rotting strawberries and sexualised men are paired with demeaning noughties dance music to heighten the hot, stimulating tone. You watch uncomfortably aroused by the liquids dripping through the rotting fruit and hairy male body. Covered in layers of stereotypical hot pink, this sickly installation displays how women are forced into being painted feminine by society.”

[Female Objectification] Final Video Planning

Throughout the recent photography series I have produced, I have also been taking videos too. I want my final video to be mainly of a man looking and acting like the women in the noughties dance music videos (objectively hot, wet and sexy), but including snippets from the previous suggestive imagery of flowers and fruit too. I want to continue the overly saturated pink style as I feel it emphasises the feminine tone, but because I am using the colour in an intense sickly way it also contrasts with that femininity and creates an uncomfortable yet sexual vibe.

I firstly created a Pinterest board to gather ideas and gain inspiration. I like the wet, messy photographs where the model looks careless and bored; I feel I want to recreate that look with the models in my video as it creates a fierce, sexy attitude which further contrasts with the sickly feminine tone. The smudged, ruined makeup also exaggerates the sexual element – an after sex, bed look.

I want to limit my colour palette to stereotypical feminine colours. I will mainly be using pink, but I want to video to possess touches of purples and reds to break up all of the pink. Because nearly every other part of my exhibition is going to be painted hot pink I don’t want to make every single image/video pink too. I further feel the bits of other colours will draw more attention to the video as the imagery won’t completely blend in with the background it’s going against, it’ll stand out and look clearer.

Destination Calabria – Alex Gaudino, Satisfaction – Benny Benassi and M.I.L.F – Fergie are the main music videos I have explored and taken inspiration from. I watched many more objectifying and sexual music videos (mainly from the noughties), but I gained specific ideas from these certain three videos. Two of them use clips of women pouring liquids down themselves which I thought I could recreate but with thick pink liquid and a cum substitute – increasing the suggestive, overly feminine nature. I also like the camera shots/angles in Satisfaction as well as the warmly saturated tone so I will be taking inspiration from those features too.

I have also looked at the male parody of Satisfaction as my main video will be filmed of a male in the style of a objectified female. Instead of dressing my model in woman’s clothing (like the models are in this parody video), I will be focusing more on the face and suggestive items that I will include.

Annique Delphine is an artist I researched into and produced work previously influenced by her. I want to reuse some of the clips I used in DEADSAUCY (my video response to her series ABUNDANCE), as it continues the contradictory desexualisation of femininity focus and feel the suggestiveness of the pink liquid provokes an uncomfortable sexual desire.

In the Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared series, as the video continues the overwhelming, uncomfortable atmosphere becomes worse towards the end then suddenly stops and pursues as normal in a calm tone. I want to edit my video in a similar way – the items and imagery I use in my video will become busier and more intense, whilst the music getting quicker and the shots becoming more abrupt too.1

As I will be including close up shots of the male model’s face and lips, makeup is an important element to consider. I want the pink theme to continue into the makeup to further exaggerate the exceedingly, stereotypical feminine tone. Here I experimented with different variations of pink, using touches of reds, dirty greens and smoky blacks; I didn’t want to use only pink because I wanted more depth and detail in the face, and just using pink doesn’t create that. I have chosen the 2nd look because I wanted a subtle look to not overpower his masculine manner but still ‘girly’ enough to force that femininity. I also wanted to use a glossy lip like in the Satisfaction music video to accentuate the sexy, wet look and make the viewer uncomfortably aroused.

After reviewing a few different music choices I have decided to use I See Girls – Studio B as the backing track in video. I didn’t want to use a song that included swearing, too overly sexual lyrics or possessed a porn tone as there will be many underage children at the exhibition. I also don’t want my video to get censored like my final piece did in the last exhibition so wanted to choose a fairly tame track but still suggestive and in the noughties dance genre. I further liked how the lyrics repeated the word “girls” as it forces femininity on people, which will again emphasise the sickly, pink female atmosphere.

[Unit 10: Female Objectification] Final Piece Planning


I will be taking inspiration from Zoe Buckman’s series EVERY CURVE, using similar beautiful, soft, hand embroidered text to contrast with the ugliness of the fruit. Her use of delicate lace lingerie paired with gorgeous pink lettering contrasts to the ugly, demeaning song lyrics, simultaneously enhancing the shocking, belittling tone – this effect is what I want to achieve. 8A mock up drawing of what I want my exhibition space to look like. The three rows of circled objects are rotting fruit hand embroidered with demeaning pet names; I wanted to use the earlier idea to show the ugliness of modern sexism, the sourness the beautiful word actually holds when men use it to belittle us. The gorgeous pink embroidery becoming overwhelmed by the mouldiness.

I want to paint everything pink to show that stereotypical ‘girly’, pink vibe. I want the audience to be overwhelmed with femininity and for them to understand how women are forcefully painted pink by modern society.

[Female Objectification] EXPIRED SEX

Continuing the rotten nature theme, I have produced this series including dead flowers. I wanted to push the suggestiveness and use my body to create an overly sexy, careless character who is forced to be feminine, covered in sickly pink. I wanted to desexualise femininity in a hypocritical sexy way. The dead flowers highlighting how the innovatory sexualisation women face is old and rotten, although the flowers are dead the model is still forced to act beautifully feminine and sexy. Overloaded with dark pink, I wanted to exaggerate the stereotypical female vibe.

[Female Objectification] PETAL

A development from the pink spray painted fruit, I wanted to experiment with painting dead flowers in feminine hot pink. I burnt some of the flowers to exaggerate the dead look, as the flowers only drooped when they died and when spray painted they didn’t look that dead. I like how the burnt petals give the flowers a more decayed look, as I want to emphasise the desexualisation of femininity I feel this overly deceased look heightens that.

[Female Objectification] DEADWET

A video largely inspired by Annique Delphine’s series ABUNDANCE which consisted of multiple videos of white liquid dripping through bunches of flowers to represent female sexuality and it’s subordination in a world ruled by patriarchy. There isn’t much meaning to this particular piece but a continuation of the rotten nature theme. I want to present desexualisation of femininity but in a contrasting, demeaning sexy way – making the audience feel aroused when watching it but simultaneously grossed out and dirty. The dead flowers symbolise the once beautiful, delicate female form